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Ahmed Essam is multi talented
He is an Egyptian Talented firework and special effects programmer and engineer
His career began in 1997 .
He is the owner of the leading company in the field of fireworks, fireworks and special effects in Egypt and the Middle East.
With His Extensive enthusiasm, hard work, and passion in terms of fireworks and special effects made him one of the most promising firework Engineers in the Middle East
His masterpiece is magically amazing , he possess a strong Enthusiasm power in each show he played .
He’s Always interested in continuous development of the latest products with strict adherence to industry regulations, all products manufactured in UK and USA.
In addition to excellent stand-by service, it is a favorite supplier of theaters, tour operators, television and film industry, and corporate clients throughout the Middle East.
He also provide the most unforgettable ( weddings , brand launching , events firework and special effects shows , music concerts , dance shows ).
at the same time
He is an actor played many roles in drama and cinema ( Adam , khotout hamra , al shak , amrad nesaa , waly al 3ahd , el saba3 banat, beet el Salayef, kanoun omar , nour Einy movie ).